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Jacey Caldwell

Hi! I’m Jacey. I grew up in the high mountains of Durango, CO and am a Colorado native.  But even though I’m a mountain girl I lovvve the beach especially at sunset. Warm weather and sunshine is all I ever want (don’t get me started on these Colorado winters - bleh!)  I have a husband whom I love to death and 4 little boys that have my heart.  Traveling with my family is my absolute favorite thing.  Doing hair takes a close second ;)  

When it comes to hair I love creating effortless styles and maintainable color that enhances a client’s natural beauty.  My goal in every coloring, cut, and styling is for my clients to have a space to relax, treat themselves the way they deserve, and to leave feeling confident and beautiful in their own skin.   I enjoy connecting with each of my clients on a personal level and am honored by the opportunity to be a part of their lives.  Come see me sometime - I’d love to work with you! 

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